What is a Joticle Hub?

Joticle Hubs empower a diverse community of education non-profits, alternate/micro schools, edupreneurs, and educational resource providers, to create, share, and amplify their wealth of knowledge and educational materials at the heart of the Alternative Education and School Choice Movement. Our platform not only fuels your passion for education but also offers opportunities for monetization, all while enabling permissionless education through our Joticle Portal and amplified on our social media channels:         

Hub Overview

Within the Joticle Ecosystem, your Hub will become a collaborative space adding to the complete view of the alternative education landscape, also referred to as School Choice. It's a place where learners and educators, including Microschools, Education Nonprofits, Education Consultants, and Companies dedicated to advancing the school choice movement, converge without the confines of traditional barriers. The integration of your Hub into this vast ecosystem fosters an environment where ideas flow freely, and connections among learners and educators form effortlessly.

Features & Topic Pods

The Joticle Hub enhances education with its streamlined branded portal, empowering educators to create a customized online presence. It simplifies content management, allowing seamless organization and publication of courses, resources, and materials. The platform provides effective course marketing tools and support, enabling educators to expand their reach and attract a broader audience. Moreover, the integration of Topic Pods enriches the learning environment by offering curated collections of topic-specific content and resources, facilitating a comprehensive and immersive educational experience.

Marketing Support

Creating your own Joticle Hub offers market support through various avenues. By leveraging Joticle Topic hubs as a conduit to social media, your hub gains visibility, reaching a broader audience. This integration allows for seamless promotion and engagement across platforms. Your Joticle Hub also acts as a free microlearning resource for all Joticle's lifelong learners, building your brand's credibility and attracting more users. This expands your reach and influence within the education community, fostering goodwill, loyalty, and increased recognition.


As an educator, the hub provides a powerful opportunity to monetize your valuable education knowledge. By leveraging the platform, you can share and publish your expertise, reaching a wider audience and generating revenue. Simultaneously, you become part of a vibrant community that delivers free microlearning experiences to the larger customer base, creating a collaborative and supportive environment that promotes continuous learning and growth.

Non Profit Channel

Partnering with Joticle offers educators numerous benefits: connecting with fellow educators, fostering collaboration and idea exchange, reaching a wider audience, and expanding influence within the education community. By participating as a partner, you contribute to revolutionizing education, shaping innovative approaches and advancements in teaching and learning.

Eduprenuer Corner

We offer a comprehensive suite of resources to empower edupreneurs in enhancing their online content and streamlining microlearning production. Our resources include guidance on improving content quality, strategies to expand audience reach, and tools to increase efficiency and impact in educational offerings. By leveraging these resources, edupreneurs can elevate the effectiveness of their online educational content and create a meaningful impact on a wider scale.

Community Voices

Chase E. Eskelsen M.Ed.   

CEO, Fersken Education
Having been in the education space for more than 15 years and seeing many products and solutions promise outcomes, it was very refreshing to work alongside the Joticle team and see our wish list become a reality.

Dr. Susan Taffer   

Founder, College For World Connections
Joticle's commitment to transforming the education landscape through cutting-edge technology solutions has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Narda Pitkethly   

Founder, Nardagani Reading Program
Together with Joticle, our programs are revolutionizing the way students learn to read, ensuring that no child is left behind in their literacy journey.